One Day at a Time - Danielle Steel I haven't read many of Danielle Steel's work but I've enjoyed tremendously the ones I've read. How I wish I can say the same thing to this one. The thing is, I can't! I found it so frustratingly shallow. Everything is superficial. Ugh! For one thing, it doesn't make sense for a man to fall so fast for another woman when he is supposedly still traumatized with whatever his psychotic ex-girlfriend had done, hence the running away and hiding.

The first time Leslie sets his eyes on Coco, he immediately becomes attracted to her. Typical. Huh. I mean yeah, what do you expect from romance novels? Of course it will take that route, eventually leading to the happy ending, but this is one is just horrible. You don't have to read the whole book to guess what will happen.In fact, you'll be just wasting your precious time reading it. Might as well read another book. All I get from this book is lust, easily confused for love. Wanting a person for his/her physical attributes is not love people, please get your facts straight. Ugh!

This is shallow beyond shallow. Lucky I got this for cheap.