The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) - Suzanne Collins It didn’t take much to plunge into the story given the interesting turns of events, prior and subsequent of The Hunger Games. The annual Games as a means to punish citizens of Panem for their previous act of rebellion, is cruel I tell you. Cruel. To make it even more sinister, the Capitol goes all the way to make the Games where tributes will be killing each other as only one can survive to make it ‘full of entertainment value’. Even some of the citizens (from wealthier districts) seem to enjoy it. And it has been going on for 74 consecutive years, 24 tributes a year from all the twelve districts and only one survivor at the end of the Games. Now, that’s a staggering number for a casual killing; not that there is anything casual about killing to begin with.

Katniss Everdeen is everything I like about in a character. More if it's a female character. She's physically and mentally fit, intelligent, quick thinking, observant and most of all she's a loyal, daughter, sibling and friend. She's strong in so many ways the others are not. Not to downplay the other characters such as Gale, Peeta and Rue to name a few, but Katniss is such a character dear to your heart.

Despite the sick, twisted plot, I enjoyed reading The Hunger Games. Does that make me a sick, twisted person too for liking it? Hmm, a good point to ponder upon.

I've yet to watch its movie adaptation. Is it anything as good as the book?

P.S: The Hunger Games reminds me of [b:The Lottery and Other Stories|89723|The Lottery and Other Stories|Shirley Jackson||212602] by Shirley Jackson. If you love The Hunger Games, you should give this a go. It's a short story btw.