Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Now this is what I'm talking about. The Infernal Devices series is so much better than The Mortal Instruments IMO, though it may be a bit premature to sound that convincing considering I still have another two remaining books to go through. But I have my hope.


I took an instant liking to this book. The Victorian era the story took place gives an exquisite air to the story being told, making the story so much more appealing. Because of the different era, the adventure seems crude-like and appears ancient even. I'm not sure I'm making sense here; my thoughts aren't exactly coherent right now. The point is, the different era is beyond doubt affecting the entire mood of the story and which is why Clockwork Angel was such a satisfying read for me. Maybe my liking for historical fiction played a role too, Idk. The whole Magister and automaton things were interesting. And the mystery about Tessa's identity too. I was definitely hooked.

The characters genuinely piqued on my interest. Will was always angsty and rude which propelled me to read further because hell, I was more than curious to know what had this boy so broken up.

Tessa, well, she was a little too soft for my liking but I guess her character was fitting for someone who just discovered she wasn't quite the ordinary she thought she was.

Jem, I hope I'll be reading more about you in the next book. Whatever that was offered in this book wasn't enough, obviously.

And for the first time when a love triangle is concern, I am not rooting for anybody yet. The 'yet' part is weird-ing me out because I ALWAYS root for somebody by the end of the book. Always. Like I rooted for Ash rather than Puck in Julie Kagawa's The Iron Fey series (though it pained me so to choose because both were hearthrobbingly good!). But this time around, I don't. Will has so much more to prove to me and Jem, he's still a mystery to me and I don't do vague. Which is to say, this is an interesting turn of event for me. We shall find out.

Moving on to book two.