Crystal Cove - Lisa Kleypas I wanted to give this book a 4, but I couldn't. My first major reason being Jason Black reminded me so much of Christian Grey. And I don't like Christian Grey, no question about it. I just don't get it why certain women would find it hot when men order them around. I, for that matter, don't find it to be the case. There's nothing hotter than a free will, and I'd like to hold onto that as long as I can, thank you very much. So yes, theoretically speaking, those kind of men could be hot, but it just doesn't work in the real world, baby. It won't work. Normal women like me, I would get instantly irritated if I were ordered to act in a certain kind of manner. So yeah, free will for the win!

Moving on to the second reason. I liked the previous stories in Friday Harbour's series mostly because of what the heroes and heroins had to invest in order to work out their relationship. I think it's very essential for things to happen one at a time. Essential because it makes it more believable to the readers, not to mention helping the readers to connect with the characters. I didn't get that with Justine and Jason. I think their relationship hitched off way, way too fast to my liking. It seemed to me it was more of a lust instead of love. It was a letdown, really. I was expecting so much from this latest installment. How could I not, when the past three stories had been incredible?

The absence of characters from previous stories gives detachable feeling to it, as if Crystal Cove has been put under Friday Harbour's series by mistake. If in previous installment we could enjoy the interaction among the characters from all the three stories, there were only minimal mentions of Zoe and Alex and that was all. Nothing on Lucy and Sam, or Mark and Maggie. I'd love to have a glimpse of what their lives look like after their stories were told. Post-novel kinda thing.

Despite everything I've mentioned above, I enjoyed this book without a doubt.