Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles Okay, so I'm surprised that I liked this more than its big brother, that is Perfect Chemistry for those who haven't read.

I paid more attention to Carlos and Kiara's story than of Alex and Brittany's. Maybe because I'm just tired of reading about cheerleader gone good story though in defense Brit is already a good person. Anyways, I think Carlos and Kiara are sweet together. And I like everything that has to do with sweet. I loved their exchange of banters. They are so sweet which got me smilling like a fool most of the time. There wasn't so much spark between me and Alex but I absolutely adored Carlos.

I think the reason between the different perception of both stories is the characters.It's important for me to develop a relationship with the characters. Frankly speaking, it was easier to fall in love with Carlos and Kiara as compared to Alex and Brit, not to say that they were not good but I just didn't feel as much as I did with the former couple.

Overall, good read!