The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker 3.5 stars

I thought the book just made an okay read eventhough the ideas behind it were actually pretty intriguing. It tells the story of Julia and her family and the rest of the world discovering the slowing of the rotation of the earth on one fateful day which begins to affect the Earth from that day onwards. Days and nights are growing longer and longer each passing day. The day the slowing begins, the day doesn't stop at 24 hours but at 24 hours and 56 minutes. The rotation of the Earth keeps on slowing, thus adding more and more minutes to a day. The gravity, the environment, the magnetic field etc are hugely affected as a consequence. It seems that the Earth is no longer safe for its inhabitants.

This is also a story about Julia dealing not only with the natural disasters, but the disasters of everyday life--her family, her friends and her first love.

While I think the idea about the slowing of the Earth was interesting, the author provided very little scientific explanations for it. The same goes to incidents that happened afterwards. The affected gravity, the tide, the failure of the magnetic field, the Orion that carried the astronauts. They were told but nothing were properly explained. It was very frustrating.

And I found myself couldn't care less of what's happening in Julia's life. Until the end, I don't think Julia grew on me. She was just another forgettable character. Maybe that's the problem I had with the book; everything felt like touch and go to me.

On the bright side, the book was a good book for a quick read. Everything else aside, it was still an enjoyable reading.