Son of Rosemary - Ira Levin


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you ruin a book.

Thanks, Levin. That was absolutely 'brilliant'. I don't know why you even bother writing Son of Rosemary if in the end everything that had happened is going to be a fucking useless dream. Way to go, sir. Your talent bedazzled me. You should have just left Rosemary's Baby alone (which was excellent, by the way)but of course not. You came out with this crappy sequel of it instead. Totally unnecessary, alright?

Anyways, just a tip if any of you people would like to make a 180 degree change from a horror into a chick flick. You make sure that the mother of the world's most beloved icon who just woke up from 20++ years of a coma to become an instant celebrity because well, nothing is more interesting, astonishing and worth news covering than a story about a woman's feelings after being under sleep more than 20 years.

And then maybe, after its novelty has worn off and you need something else to make the book the shitznits, you make the son totally in lurveee with his own fucking mother cos according to his fucked up mind she's the only person who understands him in and out. Of course she understands you; she's your own fucking mother you idiot.

I can't comment any further than that as I stopped reading about 1/3 about the book and I jumped straight away to the ending. I don't think I need any more convincing what a fucked up book this is.