An Abundance of Katherines - John Green 2.5 stars

Ok I'm gonna be absolutely honest: this is unbelievably a dull reading. I'm so sorry to be saying this but this is the dullest of all John Green's works in comparison to [b:The Fault in Our Stars|11870085|The Fault in Our Stars|John Green||16827462], [b:Looking for Alaska|99561|Looking for Alaska|John Green||919292] and [b:Paper Towns|2914097|Paper Towns|John Green||3364505] which I thoroughly enjoyed. What a disappointment. I had high expectation for this book seeing that I had loved the other John Green's works; maybe it was a wrong move to expect something great out of this after all. Plus the other works had me mislead to believe such enjoyment was possible. It didn't, not with this book.

Maybe it isn't fair to compare but none of the three aforementioned books had tested my patience. It it was so easy to fall into the stories when An Abundance of Katherines, unfortunately, happened to be one of those books that I had to endure with. And that sucks because it doesn't take much for me to get into a story; it was difficult to envelop myself in this story though. The story lacked substance, characters were not memorable enough (I was annoyed with Colin most of the times) and I didn't get the significance of Colin and Hassan staying at Gutstop rather than more as a pathetic excuse to introduce Lindsey to the readers. I would have been okay if the story was just about Colin and Hassan on a road trip to whatever journey it might take them. Lindsey was unnecessary, to be honest. All in all, this book was plain boring.

On the bright side, Colin's theorem amused me even if I didn't get it most of the time. I went along with it because besides Colin randomly spurting facts, his theorem was another thing that I found interesting. The appendices to explain Colin's theorem, surprisingly, held my attention and less complicated than I thought. So, I'm glad I gave it a go instead of giving in to my aversion to Maths. So, that was another good thing about the book and that was all.

As much as I would've wanted to like the book, An Abundance of Katherines just fell flat for me.