Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi 3.5 stars

Truth be told, I wasn’t that intrigued when I started the book. And this wasn’t made better when the first few chapters hardly caught my attention which is to say my barely there interest took a deeper, unavoidable, I-see-it-coming plunge into the realm of nil-interest. Not to forget the ever so confusing jargon implemented in the story. It was like being thrown into a tunnel devoid of light except for a tiny winy dot of light at the far end of it and you desperately needed to get there but there was no other way round it so you were forced to grope your way towards it. So groping it was. You know, I almost put this book down and try my luck again some other time but thanks to my super duper groping technique, I managed to reach the end of the tunnel and BAM, everything was suddenly exciting, yeay!

This is the kind of story I would consider as my cup of tea. After I finally got my bearings, it wasn't that difficult to immerse into the story. I adored Aria and Perry. Both portrayed their two different worlds almost vividly, giving a gripping sense of what they actually had to endure in the name of survival. And seeing how each day brought them closer and closer to each other made me swoon!

As you may have already deduced, the book requires patience as its world building requires some time to get used to it as it is bewildering. This book isn't exactly earth-shattering as I feel there are still a lot of things missing from the equation but it sure feels like a good beginning to a great (I hope) series. It did leave me satisfied by the end of it, and that's saying something.

And oh, Ms Veronica Rossi? In case you haven't noticed, that cliffhanger was mean. You don’t know how many times I thank my lucky star I have my Through the Ever Night ready in hand. I couldn’t imagine what it'd be like if it was the opposite. Probably turn into a Savage myself.

Starting book two pronto!