Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover I knew it Daniel and Six would make a great story! Sigh. Too bad it was only a novella. For something as good as this, it was toooo short. I want to know what had happened in Italy. I want to experience what Six had to deal with after the 'discovery' and the 'decision. I want to know to whom 'he' went to. Basically, I want to know everything because I'm greedy like that. Even so, I'm thankful enough Hoover wrote Daniel and Six's story. One can always imagine what would have happened between them but that doesn't come close to actually reading the story. For that, I thank you, Colleen Hoover. You've made your readers so very happy! :D

Daniel's parents are officially on my list of fictional characters I'd like to have for myself. Aren't they the coolest?