Willing Captive

Willing Captive - Belle Aurora Despite the cover and the title, this is by any mean NOT a dark romance. Just thought I mention it, in case any of you missed out on the author’s note.

Willing Captive is a funny, heartbreakingly sweet story about unconditional love. Of a father to his daughters and family. Of a man and a woman to one another. A fitting title for this story, if you ask me. When you are stuck in this kind of love – the love that lasts forever – you’d give everything and anything in your might to preserve it. You may grumble, throw endless tantrums, pick a fight over a small matter but in the end you know you’re going to do it one way or another. So, in a way, you’re a captive of your own love. A willing one at that.

Minus a thriller one or two, I’ve been on Young Adult reading spree for quite a while now so it felt really nice to take a detour this time around. Even though I felt Willing Captive wasn’t as good as people raved it to be, I’m glad I was able to enjoy it at the very least. The characters were likeable and their exchanges of banters were humorous and entertaining. The conflict didn’t leave me tearing my hair apart, but it was enough to compel me to read further. All in all, it was a good recipe for a quick read.

While I should have been head over heels with their lead characters Lily and Nox, in actuality it’s Rock and Boo who stole my heart. Is there a chance their story would ever get written? Man, I’d kill to know more about them. If anything that’s worth written, it’s Rock and Boo’s love story. Am I the only one who thought so?