Music of the Heart (Runaway Train, #1)

Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley 2 - 2.5 stars. I couldn't be bothered, really.

This is way, way too much cheese. I was in mood for some so it didn’t bother me much but heck, cheesy to the max.

What I liked:

1. Her innocence and forgiving heart aside, Abby was a kickass character herself. I liked that she didn’t let the boys manhandled her and she was not easily swayed, except when it came to Jake. Hmmm. We'll talk about that later.

2. The easy back and forth banters between Abby and the boys.

3. Easy, quick read. Not too many conflicts and no unnecessary drama. Definitely easy, if you aren't looking for some heart-wrenching read.

4. Cheeeeese.

What I didn’t like:

1. The romance between Jake and Abby wasn’t paced accordingly. A little bit too rushed, if you ask me. I was like, “Seriously guys, what train were you on?! It was unnecessarily fast, didn’t give me the chance to settle down and enjoy the view and the next, we had safely arrived at the destination. I didn’t know we were taking magic train here. Bummer, I didn’t sign up for this.




Oh, wait a minute. It suddenly dawns on me Jake was on the Runaway Train. He was the RUNAWAY Train and Abby happened to hop onto one. Now it made sense why it was so fast. They were running, of course *giggles*. Ugh, bad pun I know. Running or not, I still want my frikkin’ view! After all, that's what a train is for, right?

2. I can't believe all it took for Jake to redeem himself from his d-bag moments is by saying sorry. It's even harder to believe when Abby accepted Jake's a-thousand-times-sorry-I'm-sure-they-must-have-lost-their-meanings-long-long-time-ago sorry graciously. Are you for real, Abby?! Well, I guess not. Minister daughter or not, when somebody throws the word whore and you in the same sentence, you don't forgive him in 30 seconds flat. That's dumb, and not on the borderline of a noble act even. Jeez!

3.The writing. I picked this book up because I thought The Proposition was a decent read and I rather enjoyed it. Except for the banters between the characters, I didn’t really like the writing in this book. It was a bit amateur-ish to me and there were more telling rather than showing. Certainly didn’t bode well with my brain.

4. Ashley was kind of overdoing on the ‘Oh, I didn’t know you like that too, you are soooooo awesome’ things. We get it. Jake and Abby were meant to be together, now be done with it. *rolls eyes*

5. I have a problem with Ashley's obsession with making Jake and Abby's romance coming to life. Granted, this is a story about them. However, much to my annoyance, everything that wasn't Jake or Abby was pushed aside, ignored or swept under the rug. The story could have been better and more fulfilling rather than downright nauseating (too much cheese, remember?) if several of these issues were addressed.

i - There wasn't any obvious interaction between Abby and her family and Abby and the Jacob's Ladder that could have indicated the kind of life Abby led. We know from Abby that her parents were missionaries and her brothers were in the Jacob's Ladder and Abby was soon to take over Micah's place. There wasn't any evidence to show though. These were all according to Abby and Abby alone.

ii - Rhys and AJ were supposed to be notorious womanizers. Except for Jake -- even that's questionable -- I didn't get the picture of how Rhys and AJ were womanizers. Again, where's the evidence? Don't mention they are what they are if you don't intent to elaborate on that, Ashley!

iii - Garret. Hmm, he was supposed to be attracted to Abby but Ashley surely didn't even bother to go down on that lane. I thought maybe Abby would've had to explain her relationship to Garret, but nada. Definitely a swept-under-the-rug material.

6. The ever so confusing alternating point of views. Sigh. Not many authors can pull this off, and Ashley certainly didn't. I couldn't tell the difference from Abby to Jake. They sounded so similar. More often than not, I had to re-check whose voice I was reading and that was frustrating.

7. CHEEEEESE! *gags*

I definitely had more issues with this book than I originally thought, lol! Well, at least it was a quick read and no extensive brain damage is in sight.