A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin

A Kiss Before Dying - Ira Levin

2.5 stars.

Well, it wasn't that bad actually. They are actually a few moments in the book that I really I liked. However, the book as a whole didn't quite achieve the kind of effect that would have made it memorable. This is just another quick reading to pass the time except in my case, it wasn't. The longer the storytelling went, the quicker I fell to sleep. Nope, certainly didn't work out for me. I had had my hope though. 

What you need to know is it definitely piqued on my interest when I started reading A Kiss Before Dying. The classic premise this story is based on about a gold digger searching for rich girls undoubtedly holds its lure for me. The story started rather well, actually. We were first introduced to this handsome young man who had got his eyes set on the inheritance of this girl, Dorothy who he was currently dating. Only that his plan came with quite an unexpected hitch; Dorothy was pregnant and she would be disinherited if her father found out. This young man was angry alright. Angry with himself but mostly with the girl. So, he began to plan. Hence, one thing lead to another. I can't say much without revealing the plot but I was mostly hooked for the first two parts of the book. 

What I liked best about this book is how Levin's introduces the main character to his readers. I think it was quite brilliant. I didn't even realize Levin didn't put a name to his antagonist until I was well into the second part of the story which I cannot comment any further in the fear of spoiling the story for you. But man oh man, that was brilliant. I was like, "No, it couldn't be. I was sure Levin mentioned this guy's name on the first part of the book." But of course, when I leafed through the pages again, none of the 84 pages of them mentioned this guy's name except for the excessive use of pronoun "he". Not that I'm complaining though. Like I said, it was brilliant and it certainly added up more bone-chilling suspense to this book. 

The young man himself made quite an fascinating read. He became the man he was because of the way he was raised. Indirectly, A Kiss Before Dying emphasizes on the important of raising a family correctly

As interesting as this book could get, it was also tedious. The book was quite out of proportion, truth to be told. It was a loooooong read before the story reached its climax and it wasn't until the third part of the book. A little bit overkill, won't you say? Mainly, the first two parts of the books served to highlight how desperate and mean this young man would get which I deem as unnecessary. Therefore, when the story reached its climax, it only had like few pages to go before it ended. Now that totally killed it. If this story were to be revised, I'd suggest for the person to start somewhere in Part 2 and onwards. 

I liked Levin's writing style, the story was promising only to fall flat as the end product didn't quite yield the result that I had had in mind. Thus, the 2.5 star rating.