The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan I started reading this yesterday and tried to slow down the reading process as much as possible so that the story won't end, but it just ended a couple of minutes ago! I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW! I think this is the most tangled emotional turmoil I have to go through so far! I am so screwed, until next week at the very least. Or maybe longer. Urgh!

First thing first, why the story has to end? WHY?! I wish it can go on forever so I can just keep on reading it, even after they have gone through everything and there's nothing more to read except for their boring daily routines, which I DON'T MIND! In fact, those are exactly the things I want and need to know right now.

If you ask me, reading this third book is like being in the story flesh and blood. It felt so real, it genuinely engages you physically and emotionally. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, I kicked around randomly and also helped myself with a few minor heart attacks I guess. How real it was for me. As I'm writing this right now, I'm so tempted to spell it out to you the surprises Riordan offers in this third book, but I know I can't. Unless I don't mind getting killed by all of you, which I do mind thank you very much. But on the second thought, it'd be great to meet Anubis... Anyways, Carter and Sadie were better than ever, Sadie's getting funnier and so did Carter, the gods were good too I guess, and they were many happy and sad occasions along the journey, it's hard to decide which mood dominates the story the most. And ohhh, not to mention that genius manifestation of idea there. I see what you're trying to do, Riordan. Well, I liked it<3 All this talk must be killing you eh, for those who haven't read this book . I bet this must sound like some Ancient gibberish to you, no? Lol. Read it, please! <br/>

I cannot say much because I don't wanna spoil the story for you, but I promise you'll like this book. You'll be going the same emotional turmoil I'm having right now, I just wanna cry all day long if I can :( I'm soooo sad but at the same time, I'm beyond happy too! I have no words for these feelings at the moment. Read the book and you'll get what I mean. Please don't read the spoilers, it'll ruin the book for you.

Riordan also hinted something in this book. I'm sensing there'll be more great books or another series even, coming. But this is just me guessing, I hope my hunch is correct.

I wish I can offer more information, but I know I can't without revealing the story. So ummm.. it's already 4.52 a.m. in the morning. I'm off to sleep, I have an urgent date with Anubis in my dream ;)

Until then, happy reading :D