Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I wouldn't ever give up love for anything. To live out of love, I think that's a terrible life. Honestly, I'd rather be hateful than to be indifference. Hate, at least, it involves some strong involvement of emotions rather than not to care at all. At least, you know you hate because you actually give a damn about you, your life, people around you, the society, etc. Look at those people in this story. Sure, they live. They carry out their lives exactly like any other normal people, but they are not happy. They are often found struggling with their pasts, not totally put at ease. That is not something I find comforting. Somehow, I'm relieved this is only a fictional story because seriously, I don't think I'll survive living in that kind of community. Love never once crosses my mind as a disease and it will never be. Without love, we are just living in empty shells, put to live just because we are required to.