The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Urghh! Why it has to end?? Why?! I don't mind at all if Kagawa wants to have more of this series. I'll keep reading it even if my sanity can't have no more of it.

Reading the last installment of any series is always the best and worst experience at the same time. It is exciting because finally, questions would be answered, events are unfold and explained and conflicts would be resolved. But it also means, a fantastic journey you've embarked yourself on finally comes to an end. And that's not the end of it because you'll keep dwelling on it for some time, making it harder for you to move on to the next book. This is exactly the state I am now. SIGH!

I blame my eagerness to finish this book. I was so impatient just because I couldn't bear the separation between Meghan and Ash. I was suffering too, you know. Lol. Anyways, reading through what Ash had to go to be a mortal, I couldn't help but to reflect it upon myself. Would I do whatever Ash had done if I were in his place? Would I sacrifice my immortality just to be with the one I loved? The ultimate question of all, would I be able to love someone that deep and sincere? Would I? I have no frikkin' ideas. Ask me 10 years later, maybe I'd be able to answer some of the questions. MAYBE.

Great characters, great story, great series! And now I shall retreat to wallow in my sorrow for I have done with the series. Sobssss!