The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting 3.5.

Very intriguing story, about this 16-year old girl, Violet, who has the ability to sense the dead, specifically those who have been murdered. She has this 'sensor' in her, which she can smell, hear or feel the imprints of the dead and the killers.Pretty useful stuff for the cops. It's very interesting, I tell you. I mean, this ability despite the gory-ness of it. In some way, it reminds of the series, Ghost Whisperer but not so much that it takes your interest away. I really fell with the idea the author's going. The only thing is, I wish some of the characters are elaborated more. I feel that the serial killer character is underdeveloped. More insights of how he/she works can add more substance to the story. And seriously, the over-emphasized 'affection' between Violet and Jay is nauseating. Blergh! It was sweet at first, but the effect quickly worn off when it became obvious Derting's attempts to illustrate how these couple can't get enough of each other. Trying too hard, I'd say.

I would have rated this book more if it wasn't for Violet. Despite being the main character and all, she's not that likable. She's childish, she's possessive, negative, and what irks me most of all, she doesn't seem to think much of other people except for of course, herself. Other than that, pretty interesting stuff we got here. You should read :)