Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5) - Julie Kagawa I'm thankful for this short glimpse of the life Meghan and Ash as a married couple. Exactly the thing I needed, just to see how well they're doing together. Ash is still as charming as ever. And with him being a human, the prospect of him seems more delicious than ever. Lol. Meghan is still Meghan, only braver, firmer and stronger. I wouldn't know what to do if I were in her position. I'd panic all the way through, I guess.

I wish this is a novel, instead of just a novella. There are so many questions in my head right now, unanswered. When I thought those questions would be answered in the later part of the novella, suddenly I found myself at the epilogue already.

"NOOOOOO! It can't be the ending already?!"

"Wow, that was just fast. Please please, maybe this is the trick of the light or something? Okay, let's scroll down, maybe there are summore down there. *scrolls in vain*"

"Some guides to the Iron Fey and whatnot and that's it. No continuation of the story or whatever." *heart breaks*

Speechless. Emotionless. Looked out the window with a vacant stare.

My reactions exactly.

This is bad. So so bad. Now I dare to hope for TIF #5, even if it is just a vain hope.