Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins What the hell just happened? I mean what the hell, man? Nobody’s gonna argue that President Snow is mean. Everything about him spells malicious but what he did, that was just mean *shudders*. The price one has to pay to stay in power, eh? To stay in my power, my ass. If he truly wants to stay in power, he should have realized there’s only so much a dictatorship regime can accomplish. Eventually, people will want to rebel. It’s inevitable.

The second book left me in hollow. If I thought by winning the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta could finally have a taste of a better life, I couldn’t have been any more wrong. The Hunger Games was more evil than I thought; apparently it was devised to be so. In the end, the victors of every Games would be nothing more than just a pawn to the Capitol. The third quarter Quell, that was plain eviiiiiiiiil.

Boy, wasn't I glad I made sure to have all the three books in the collection before I started reading it? Because that was one helluva of cliffhanger, Suzanne Collins. I swear it made my heart stopped beating for a sec.

Now, off to book three.