The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa I wanted to like this as much as I had when I started reading The Iron Fey series, but I couldn't. Maybe because The Iron Fey series had started strong with impossible-to-dismiss characters like Meghan, Ash and Puck, I bet it must be one helluva of a job to meet the par that has been set. But still, it cannot be an excuse not to do well like the rest. Sigh. Or maybe, I'm just hard to impress.

I have no problem with the story line. I think it's fairly executed and to be frank, that was among the few things that kept me going. Others would be the appearance of Meghan, Ash and Puck, the highlight of the day, I'd say. The characters, however, are another story. How do I begin this? Ethan. As much as this book is supposed to be about him, I didn't get that. Yeah, I know he went through a lot since the day he was kidnapped by the fey, but it didn't give me that feeling like he frikkin owned the adventures he faced in this particular story. Somehow rather, it gave me this uneasy notion that Ethan was involved just because he happened to be there. I know it's unfair to compare, and who would want to read the same story all over again, but I wish The Lost Prince could have been more memorable, just like The Iron King.

Kenzie, Kenzie, Kenzie. Ugh. I wish I could have liked her more, but what a wishful thinking it is. It's sad for me to say this but I find her character totally unnecessary and not to mention, annoying. Ugh. The whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking to myself, "What if her character didn't exist? Would the story be fine?" Unfortunately (to her), the answer would always turn up as a Yes. It shows.

Keirran. Honestly, I'm at loss of what to say about him. Not that he isn't an intriguing character, he is, but there wasn't much valuable input I could use to discuss about him, except for the fact that he is a troubled soul. Maybe we will find out more in the next installment, so I shall wait patiently (as if I can, lol).

Ethan and Kenzie as a pair made me wanna puke, literally speaking. Almost all their conversations or heart-to-heart talks I find as cheesy and not original and ugh, disgusting. Blergh. I cringed every time they had that kind of talk. I didn't find it romantic, and most of all, I didn't find it to be sweet at all. The exact opposite of what I felt about Meghan and Ash. Ethan's protectiveness towards Kenzie asphyxiated me. And Kenzie's sob story didn't quite reach the effect that it's supposed to achieve. Ughhh. To be honest, the pair just doesn't work for me. They are greatly lacking in chemistry, that one thing I didn't get until the very end of the story.

I have this feeling that maybe, just maybe, I still am not over with Meghan, Ash and Puck's story and hence, the harsh review. Sigh. I dunno. Overall, an okay reading, I guess. Still, I can't wait for the second book.