Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King 4.5!

I read somewhere or was it somebody quoted it, I can't remember but it says that you are never truly satisfied until you have read a good book. So true, so true. I couldn't agree more especially when I was done with Full Dark, No Stars. King's uncanny ability to blur the line between reality and fantasy never ceases to amaze me and what he did with with this book will simply take your breath away! Full Dark, No Stars explores in depth about the evil all of us possess. Brilliant work from King!

In short, there are 4 short stories (not that short though) in this compilation. The first one is

1922 - Revenge may be sweet, but it is also short-lived, that one fact most of us tend to 'forget'. And, it comes with a price. Isn't it always the case? It's true because eventually guilt will replace that hollow place in yours which used to garner so much hatred, it is no surprise that you'll go for the kill the moment the opportunity presents itself. A warning in advance -- once guilt has decided to pay you a visit; your life, in summary, pretty much goes down the hill. That's what happened to Wilfred James when he lets his darker side gets the best of him when he and his wife, Arlette couldn't resolve their dispute. What he doesn't realize is, murder isn't always the best solution when one is looking for a calm and peaceful life. From that point onward, after Wilfred has killed his wife, the story gets better and better (and not to mention becoming more and more twisted), it is impossible to put down. This is my second favourite story after Fair Extension.

Big Driver - To be honest, I don't like rape stories. Period. It gives me this uncomfortable feeling that I cannot simply shake off. I don't like how it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach especially when it is written vividly. Thankfully, King spared me from that horror, but still. It's not the worst, but it doesn't mean it gets better. The premise of the story is good, it's creative even if I may say so. I really really liked how King made the protagonist as a writer, a mystery writer to be exact. So, it's kinda interesting when the mystery writer herself is put in the kind of situation usually reserves for her characters. What I didn't favour as much is Tess's reactions to her being rape. But I couldn't put the blame on her 100% because that's the way the society is shaped. Don't you realize that it is always the women's faults for getting raped. And lemme ask your this, why our first reaction to the news is to blame the women (She asked for it...she got it) but never on the perpetrators? That's because our society teaches us to not get raped, rather than not to rape. Agree with me? The story is interesting, but I'm not big on Tess. I liked the antagonists though. They were... interesting. Again, let me remind you that there isn't a fine line between a protagonist and an antagonist because it's King's. Where's the fun in that? So, I'll let you judge it for yourself.

Fair Extension - All I cay is, jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing; it eats the best parts of you. Nobody, I repeat, nobody ever deserves to be a part of someone's evil plan just because he/she couldn't come to the term that there will always be somebody else who is richer, smarter or more handsome/beautiful than they are. Especially if that lucky person that you hate so much happens to be your best friend. So, avoid jealousy at all cost. This is my most favourite story out of the four. I liked the ending, it encourages deeper thoughts. Don't read this with an idle mind!

A Good Marriage - Least favourite, but not to say it isn't a good story. It is. It just I could't develop the taste for it. A Good Marriage tells the story of an accidental and shocking discovery made by a wife about her husband, the man she has been married for 27 years but manages to keep a secret as dark as this. As close as we may get to some people, we will always have to acknowledge the fact that we will never get to know the person in and out, and that's the message of this story. I could't agree more.

Overall, fantastic read!