Looking for Alaska - John Green I just don't think I am able to produce one coherent review for Looking For Alaska. Except that, I may be able to say that THIS is effingly one messed up reading. It does not only mess up with your intellect, but it will most definitely mess up your emotions. In short, you are pretty much fucked up by the end of the story. So, don't say I don't prepare you for one crazy ride of a journey because I just did.

This book is intellectually challenging to me. This is not to say it is intellectually made to be so, but because the story is heavily dosed with meanings that go beyond superficial values. I dwelt on some lines in some chapters for hours just to get the meaning right. Or at least, right to me.

I still can't talk coherently about this one because I am pretty much messed up still right now. But I can assure you, Looking for Alaska is a fantastic reading. I wish I could do this book in one of my literature classes (Contemporary Lit, maybe?) because yes, it is that good.

Happy reading, to those who decide to, and be ready to get your heart torn because John Green is good like that.