Enshadowed - Kelly Creagh YOU CANNOT END A STORY JUST LIKE THAT, DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU CAN'T! At the rate it's going, I could die of a heart attack. Or rather, lack of heart activity.

Ugh, that cliffhanger. Just kill me already. I didn't anticipate that ending. AT ALL! I thought, at least, by seeing how far Isobel had gone, it would have provided her with some clarity. But it didn't. Still as clueless as ever to what had actually happened to Varen. Hmm. So many questions still left unanswered.

The third book wouldn't be published until 2014 the latest. Bummer. I really don't think I can wait two years for that. I really don't. I swear if I've known this sooner, I would have saved it for later times.