Easy - Tammara Webber I wouldn't have expected Easy would be tackling pretty much the same issue as in Hopeless, but it did. To tell the truth, it was rather too much for me to handle when I'm still struggling to get over with what I read in Hopeless yesterday. Just thinking about what had happened to Jacqueline and Sky gives me the shudder. It could happen to just anyone, given the right situation, or rather to be in the wrong one.

But I liked the way Tammara Webber tackled the issue. She put it into such a situation not too far detached from us so it would be as real as it could get. It felt real to me, this definitely was not just some concocted BS.

While it is an entertaining read, I hope the message the author is trying to convey is not abandoned altogether. It's time to see some significant changes to take place in our already fucked-up society.

Overall, great read!