A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire Series) (Volume 1) - T.E. Sivec 4.5

I will have to be honest and say that a story about betrayal and discovering each other's deepest secrets doesn't get me excited exactly. If it wasn't for the good ratings and some of my friends were raving about it, I wouldn't have spared it a thought. But here I am now, writing a review about this book because yes, I finally finished devouring the book already. A bit too soon, if you were to ask me.

Now I get what the fuss is all about. I think A Beautiful Lie is fantastic. It was an intense reading for me, but all in a good way. It was soooooo intense, it made me scream in frustration, there were several times I felt like punching somebody in the guts. It was also heartbreaking reading about how messed up Garrett, Annabelle and Milo's lives are. Towards the end of the story, my heart almost couldn't take it anymore, especially after reading a letter left by Annabelle's father to her. I felt so much for her.

And I thought I got the story figured out but oh boy, how wrong I was. It's sickeningly twisted, I must say.

Overall, fantastic read! :D