The Proposal - Katie Ashley Ok, I gotta admit despite my initial lack of enthusiasm, I was surprised to find myself actually enjoying most parts of the story. Yep, it cannot get any cliche that what it already is, but you just gotta love the characters. Given a predictable story line, Katie Ashley can thank her lucky star because her characters saved The Proposal from hitting the rock bottom all the way through. I'm not saying it's that bad, but without the help from the fabulous characters, I would't enjoy it as much as I did. I find they were very well developed! I wouldn't be surprised to know they must have gone a very meticulous process before coming into existence, if only on papers. I loved how easy it is to distinguish from one character to another, each is given their own voices. What I also liked is how these characters also grow on you fast, especially Emma. I liked everything about Emma. Don't let me get to Aidan. He's the cutest jerk (or ex-jerk) on the block! (Again, I ask myself what's the deal with bad boys that got us girls so bad? I'm hopeless, I know) Granddaddy cracked me up with his evil sense of humour. Grammy was a sweetheart through and through. Casey and Connor were the best friends you would ever want. Ugh, so many other characters, but you get my point right? I told you these characters are something!

What I wasn't prepared to experience was the jokes. I didn't expect it to be funny. Err correction. I didn't expect it to be that funny. Emma and Aidan's endless batters were really entertaining. The jokes and the teasing came effortlessly without trying to hard. I was lucky I didn't die choking on those mandarin oranges.

Overall, I'm giving this 3.5. Good read, I guess ;)