The Gorgeous Georgians (Horrible Histories) - Terry Deary 3.5. Goodreads seriously should consider adding .5 to its rating scale.

Gorgeous Georgians discusses the reign of King George I - IV and what had happened in those era. My personal favourites from this book would be the horrible facts about their food and Georgian words. It's still English, though some words had different meanings back then. Like respectable used to mean polite, a wooden suit is what they would call a coffin back then. Odsbodikins was a swear word but is now long forgotten. Now, that is a fancy word, don't you think so? It's fascinating to learn about all of these facts.

Others that are featured in Gorgeous Georgians would be facts about some of the earliest prime ministers, Georgian makeover for both women and men, games, body for sale, which recently dead people were dug from their graves so doctors could cut them up and study their organs to come up with bizarre medicines in our eyes, but effective nonetheless to eliminate diseases. Boring, boring facts which are presented in not so typical way and undeniably funny. I know I love this series for a reason.

I still think Awful Egpytians is the best though.

But overall, good read!