Through Her Eyes - Jennifer Archer Sometimes, synopsis can be so deceiving and misleading. What I expected to get turned out to be something else entirely. Made me feel cheated, somehow. Not to say that this wasn't a good book, it was to some extent. Promising even.

Through Her Eyes centers around the life of Tansy Piper, who recently moves to Cedar Canyon, Texas with her mom and grandad, Papa Dan. Tansy's mom is a writer who needs to live in the places she is going to write about in the books, to write better as to quote. So, Tansy Piper hasn't exactly a place she can call as home as they keep on moving around. To cut the story short, Tansy finds a rosewood box containing a journal, a tear-shaped crystal pendant without its chain and a gold stopwatch on the same day she arrives at her new house. She soon discovers that via her camera viewfinder and the crystal, she can trespass into a world that separates her with her reality. There, Tansy meets Henry, that one boy who cannot escape her mind. As the story goes on, she's beginning to feel the pull of the the other world, and starting to abandon hers.

Until I had reached the last few chapters of the book, I was so captivated with the book. The writing style was effective but mostly, my attention was locked on the intriguing direction of the story, or the one I thought I was heading to. By the end of the story, I was so disappointed because I thought the author had it good, but decided to abandon it in the end because she was to lazy to dwell deeper into it, so she decided to resort to the easy ending. Pff! I was so, so disappointed, angry even! I was misled into believing that I was gonna experience some good plot lines, if not earth-shattering. It ended up being just another typical ghost story.

This is my first book of Jennifer Archer. I'm not sure if I want to read another of hers.