One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy Actual rating: 3.5

I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I actually did. I picked it out because I wanted a light reading. Only, it turned out not to be so light after all. Frankly speaking, there's nothing exceptional about the plot. Any of you could have guessed it without breaking a sweat; it is that predictable. If it wasn't because of the characters, I would have put the book down already and start on another book. But I didn't, simply because I wanted to stick with the characters. They made One Week Girlfriend a worthwhile reading.

I liked Fable. She's a strong character. Despite endless shits life throws at her, she embraces them like she was born to do exactly that. Not that she doesn't wish for a different kind of life, especially when she has to deal with out-of-job alcoholic for a mother and at the same time constantly worrying about her 13-year old hormonal baby brother, but Fable accepts it so well without not so much of a grumble. Then, came Drew. Your typical college guy: handsome, rich and plays football. He could have been predictable, except that he's not. While on the surface he might be any other typical football player, deep inside he holds so much of himself than what he's willing to share to the world. Well, at least until he's spent a week together with Fable. Drew, is also a strong character like Fable, the difference is he doesn't realize that.

Even though the story took a predictable turn, I liked it nevertheless because it fitted. It fitted with Fable and Drew. Drew and Fable. It didn't feel like the author's trying too hard to make the story work. It just worked.