Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy Actual rating: 2.5

This book didn't quite agree with me. I didn't find it as appealing as One Week Girlfriend. The execution of the story was weak and there were so many unnecessary repetitions: Drew and Fable went out and tried to act like a normal couple, they had sex and lots and lots of it, they fought and they made up. Repeat those at least for a 1000 times and more. It's annoying, okay. Ugh. I was so tempted to just abandon this, but I was hoping that the story would change direction somewhere along the story. It didn't, and it sucked so bad.

I didn't like the ending as well. Sweet yes, but it sure didn't feel real to me, mostly because it didn't have that effortless feeling to it, as if the story just folded into that kind of ending as it was meant to be, and this story surely didn't have that.