Down London Road - Samantha Young 2.5

Even though Down London Road is a separate story on its own, the-not--so-quite sequel of On Dublin Street is so unnecessary in my humble opinion. On Dublin Street would have been perfect without having to accommodate this. I mean it's like reading On Dublin Street all over again, except now we have Jo and Cam instead of Joss and Braden. Who would like to read a repeat story of another when one could have easily picked that story if one feels like reading it again i.e. On Dublin Street. I could have mistaken this for the other if it wasn't for a slightly different but not necessarily significant plot.

I admit I was intrigued to read more about Jo's life. Jo is sweet and loves her brother, Cole fiercely and slowly we get to know more of Jo's life. But it got sooooooo predictable, by the middle of the story I was already contemplating to skip to the ending. Then, something happens about 1/4 towards the end which I think saved the story a bit, if not all.

While On Dublin Street was entertaining for me, this one is just a waste of my time.