Finding Chase (Chasing Nikki, #2) - Lacey Weatherford It has been hard for Chase to get back on his two feet, not when tragedy after tragedy keep on paying him a visit. He is so consumed with overpowering grief, he's literally putting himself at the brink of death.

However, as bleak as days can go, terrible things do not stay terrible forever. At the end of the day, they're bound to get better albeit painstakingly slow. Chase gradually learns to look beyond his haunting past and is willing to give life a chance it deserves once again. And this time around, he doesn't hold himself back anymore as he now realizes how precious time is.

Finding Chase wraps everything up so nicely. It's the perfect ending for a bittersweet love story. And to find out that the story is actually based from Lacey Weatherford's personal experience, it makes Chasing Nikki and Finding Chase much more appealing. It gives the life to both of the stories. And I couldn't help wondering that somehow, out there in the real world, this kind of story could be happening right now. Who knows. Finding Chase is sooooo bad because I cried like a baby reading it, again. I can barely open my eyes now, as a result of being too swollen. But I don't mind it a bit, it was a good kind of crying.

Great read.