This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen 3.5

I'm having mixed feelings about this one. One minute I was devouring the story word by word, the next minute I could barely keep my thoughts at one place. In simpler term, I was bored.

I liked Remy, mostly because I liked the way she carried herself throughout the story and did what she truly believed in. I like independent women, period. However, I couldn't help but being irritated with Remy and her commitment issues. At first, I was okay with her being not okay with serious relationship. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't be scarred for life if one of your parents kept getting remarried more than 3 times. I would. But her inability (or stubbonness) to be happy for others i.e. her brother, Chris and Jennifer and regarded it as a betrayal act from Chris were just too much for me. You can have principles of your own without having to subject others to severe judgments if they don't happen to share your view. It's a free world after all, isn't it? So this thing about Remy bugged me until the end of the story. Maybe that's why I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would love to?

Overall, an okay read.