Crush (Crush, #1) - Lacey Weatherford 3.5

Honestly speaking, there's nothing spectacular about Crush. It follows more or less the same plot recipe of any other story that shares the same genre as Crush; a newly transferred boy at some school who is just not handsome and popular but is also a bad boy. A pretty girl catches his attention but dismisses her quickly because he is supposed to be bad and not interested in a relationship. But once they start to go out, initially to save the girl from some trouble, things or feelings escalate quickly from there. Like I told you, it's ordinary. You maybe wouldn't like it based from my description because it tends to get predictable.

Except that it is not that predictable and hence the high rating. I would have rated it a 2 or 2.5 at most if it wasn't for the suspense. I have to give credit for that. That definitely kept me awake last night. I was this close to skip to the last chapter just because I was soooooo curious of Hunter's real identity. But of course I didn't. That would have spoiled the story for me. My suspicion of him were off limit though. I thought he was something but he turned out to be something else entirely.

Overall, an okay read.