Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley Yep, it's confirmed. Denver is not a quiet town and most definitely not boring. I don't think it'll ever be, not that not a good thing. At least not on paper. And it exactly the thing that made Rock Chick series a Rock Chick series, don't deny me that pleasure.

This book is the most hilarious I've read so far. As if Tex's presence alone isn't enough, the whole family is now dragged into the never-ending Denver drama. First, come Tex's niece, Roxie all the way from Chicago, troubled and running away from possessive obsessive ex-boyfriend. Drama, drama, drama then enter Roxie's parents. They're the definition of funny; there's no any other explanation for it. No joke, I nearly peed myself in my pants. We have established since book 1 Tex is a downright nutcase (come on, who would feel the need to bang a perfectly working espresso machine in order to make coffee?). Now we have evidences Roxie and both of her parents aren't exactly acting like a normal family either. Whatever runs in their genes, it sure runs in the whole family. This is to say I nearly died laughing reading this.

Now, where do you get a crazy person like Tex? I'm sure I wanna one for myself.