Rock Chick Reckoning - Kristen Ashley Reading the other books in the series had been a walk in the breeze, really. None had been as heartbreaking as this book. There were so many painful memories to be dealt, too many demons to be chased off. You can say after years of dwelling with the horror of their pasts, they took a toll on Mace and Stella. Both were guilt-ridden with one blaming himself over something beyond his control while the other was broken, fortunately still repairable.

I felt Mace's pains. I understood Stella's shitty luck. The epilogue at the end of the story proved they were meant for one another and nobody else. It's perfect! I think I might have cried a little. Or a lot. It was so sweet and heartwrenching, this time around in a good way. Mace and Stella, I think they may be my fav pair of all.

Seriously, the epilogue! I could have re-read it over and over again and never got tired of it.

Now I'm dreading the fact that I only have two books in the series to look forward. Not exactly quite ready to say goodbye yet :(