Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley
“And people needed to believe in fairytales. Even flawed ones.”

Damn straight. Pretty much sums up Rock Chick series, isn't it? And now it's coming to an end. I am devastated but I am also beside myself with glee too. The former coz there'll be no more Rock Chick story to anticipate and the latter majorly because it's Ally and Ren. It's friggin' Ally and Ren's story! God know how long I've waited for this, though technically I only had to wait not more than a week. But still! My mind went haywired right when Ally took care of Ren during the fight between Luke and Ren over Ava. I've got to know and got to know I did. To top it off, I really dug the story. I think Ally and Ren's story is one of the best.

"So badass and brave run in the family. And as far I'm concerned, I got those genes. It just that no one agrees with me."

Yep, it's official. It's decided that Ally is my all time favourite female character from the series. She's such a kickass, badass Rock Chick, even her name screams attitude. Not that the other aren't - they righteously are - but Ally just nailed it for me. I knew the first time I met her in Indy's story I was going to like her; it seems Rock Chick Revolution proved my hunch right.

There is no semi-sweet Ally. She’s pure honey all the way through.”

That is also Ally for you. Yes, she's a tough chick to break but that's because you don't know what's in her head and in her heart for that matter, which Ren righteously made sure himself see through that. Straight to the core the way the Hot Bunch did it. Which now brings us to Ren. That man, I cannot. What a cool badass Ally got for herself and so righteously hers!

“Last,” he went on, “you gotta be a badass and call me Zano, that’s cute. I like it. But if things are deep with us, shit’s raw, emotional or important, I’m Ren."

Now tell me how could I not get so caught up with Ren when I had to deal with this kind of behaviour throughout the whole book?! I wasn't freaking out because he was being so but he messed up with my mind alright. And heart. Don't forget the heart. The thing is: I. FRIGGIN. LOVED. IT. I knew there was no way I would escape him unscathed. Thank god I loved that too. I practically savoured every moment because damn, Ren is one fine piece American Italian albeit a hotheaded one at that. Totally appetizing, if you ask me. Yum!

Now I believe Kristen Ashley wants us to anticipate something new out of this, which is exactly what I'm gonna do. Though I'd appreciate if it doesn't take such a long time for that :p

"Anticipation. Makes something sweet all the more sweet. You gonna take that away from me?”

Did I mention I love Ren?