Into the Deep - Samantha Young and Samantha Young did it again. Into the Deep was one powerful, emotional read. I'm tired, my emotions are still all jumbled up and I need sleep so desperately but I can't coz the story still lingers even when it ended hours ago. When I said emotional, it was emotional. Don't underestimate that word.

I'm exhausted, really.

One of the things I like best about this book is both Charley and Jake possessed great personalities. And between those two, their antics were one of the best I've ever read, putting a permanent silly smile on my face all night long. The antics fitted their personalities. And not only that, the other side characters were great as well! Claudia, Beck, Lowe, Rowena and Matt were memorable as much as Charley and Jake were. They reminded me a bit of Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch. Samantha Young definitely nailed it in the character department. I couldn't get enough of Lowe, tbh. I hope he gets a story of his own later.

Can't particularly say I favour the ending though. First, Jake's POV didn't work for me. He didn't sound any different from Charley. He sounded weak which I hated it even more, but I guess he had always been a weak character from the start. And I didn't like it ended with Jake's POV. I didn't, and I still don't. Sorry Samantha, I know you were trying to get us into Jake's head to see it from his POV for a change, but it backfired.

Now, can we move on to Claud and Beck's story, please?