Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I couldn't comprehend where all the hype about this book came from. I didn't find it as amusing as some people claimed it to be. Am I missing something here?

It’s official. I hate this book with all my guts! It was mediocre; I actually had to force myself to finish this just because I feel bad dumping it into my did-not-finish shelf. But I didn't do it willingly, of course. I whined (coz so many parts in the story required it) all the way to the ending because it just sucked ass. Oh man, it really was.

I didn't love any of the characters. And I didn't regret it one bit, ha! I think the writing was a bit immature. Oh, wait. No, I think the writing was immature through and through. I couldn't stop cringing; all the words, sentence formations and the whole written piece felt child-like to me. It was like reading a verbatim of an a very annoying teenage girl recounting about her annoying little life.Thank god I was done with this!

Goodbye Stephanie Perkins. I don't think I'll be reading any more of your books.