Prodigy  - Marie Lu What did I read? Seriously, what did I just read? And why for God sake couldn’t I wait for just a few meagre months at least until the third book is out? But nope, I had to read this despite having gazillion other titles to choose from. I had to, ugh! November seemed not so far away when I was reading this. Now the realization the finale won’t be here until November is hitting me hard in the gut. I would say, “Serve you right, Ain,” but seeing I am already in so much pain, I’m gonna let it slide. So much for comfort.

So, where do I begin?

It’s hard not to love Prodigy. Like its predecessor, it’s action-packed and this time around takes on a whole new level. After decades of being oppressed under a system that refuses mobility among its citizen (poor remains poor and rich getting richer), Republicans are taking matter into their own hands. Patriot, an organization that goes against the Republic, is now recruiting Day and June to assassinate the new Elector. It does not look so good for the upper class for a change.

Things are getting more and more intense by the day.

"Emergency. I crumple the note in my hand. What does she think is an emergency? Isn't everything is an emergency right now?

A revolution is already in the brewing. You are right to expect a wild roller-coaster ride from Prodigy because that’s exactly the thing you’d get from this book. Every twist and turn will drive you straight to the edge of your seat, so you better buckle up. The suspense kept me at the edge all the time because heck, I didn't even know who to trust! Everybody seemed capable of treachery.

Day and June. Sigh. The strongest, the saddest and the most violated pair of couple I've ever read. Violated that both were born into two, completely opposite worlds. Violated of the freedom they're entitled to as both are deeply rooted into one same but completely different system. But they strived, don't they? On blood and tears that is. I have never felt so strongly for characters before. But Day and June, there are so much pain about them. I couldn't imagine if they were real people. Being alive would have killed me, let alone the never-ending suffering.

The ending.

"My heart is ripped open, shredded, leaking blood."

Need I say more about the ending?

A must read for dystopian lovers.