Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare 3.5 stars.

Clockwork Prince is set at a slower pace than its predecessor. In this case, the story takes a slight detour from the Magister and his automaton obsession and focuses on the occupants of the Institute, or the core of this series. This is to say Charlotte, Henry, Will, Jem, Tessa and Sophie come into view for each and every one of them plays a role in the tale being spun. While this is still about finding and catching the Magister, Clare is determined that her readers must get to know the characters of her tale.

And so you might find Clockwork Prince a bit slow to your liking (as I did) as this isn't about the Magister in entirety but the discoveries Shadowhunters and Downwolders alike have made about themselves and one another as they pave their way to the Magister. So, reading Clockwork Prince had been a whole different experience from Clockwork Angel. It was nice, but wasn't as good as the first book, IMO.

I am not a fan of love triangle and will try my best not to engage into reading one; but this one is inevitable I guess. I can't say I am in favour of Tessa's decision. Her intention may not to hurt, but what she had done will beyond doubt incur a greater pain she must be dumb not to foresee it. Come on, why deny what the heart desires most and why lie about it? Lying is a far greater sin, I think. And much more hurtful. Just saying.