Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare Wow.




I don’t know what else to say. Oh, bummer. What I mean to say is there are so many things I wish to convey but I’m not quite alright in the mind (and in the heart) to even make sense. But I’ll give it a go.

Clockwork Princess is a beautiful closure to The Infernal Devices series. It’s a far cry from perfect but to quote Tessa, “Perfect is dull.” I agree. My heart is still aching, for what exactly I can’t pinpoint but it seems cruel that it has to end now. Oh, crap. I am about to cry again.

”I have told you before, I do not want you to be perfect. Only to be Will.”

I don’t always love Clare’s writing but it worked for me in The Infernal Devices. While I feel that the writing is a bit chaotic and distracting and weak planning on some parts in The Mortal Instruments, the flow of the story in The Infernal Devices is not flawless but it tugs dearly to your heart. I liked how Shadowhunters were portrayed in TID; despite their regal ancestry, they were not without weaknesses. At the end of the day, they were humans who were capable of infiltration. Until now I couldn't decide whether Consul Waylard was possessed by Mortmain and the likes or he was simply stubborn to acknowledge Charlotte’s distress calls in fear that she appeared to be wiser than him. I know it's more or less the same thing in TMI, but I like what I read in TID better.

In so many ways I think TID is better than TMI; Clare finally had had the time to sit down and plan properly. All the stories in the three books were knitted and spun carefully, giving something quite wonderful to experience at.

In honesty, I can’t say I was shocked to learn the truth about Tessa; it was what something I had expected. But Jem, he totally took me by surprise. It wasn’t exactly cheating per se; it gave a rather fair platform to Jem. So yes, I was happy. It's only fair, anyway.

Though I have to comment at some point, the story wasn’t about Mortmain (aka the Magister) anymore but leaning towards Will-Jem-Tessa. I admit I was quite disappointed the part Mortmain executing his plan was so short-lived. I imagined a total chaos, but it fell short of my expectation. Oh, well. And another thing I have to comment or else I won't find my peace is the nature of Will-Tessa-Jem relationship. No matter how many time I had to remind myself that it was okay, it was a made up story and three of them were deeply entangled in something they couldn't get out easily; I just couldn't. It was okay before Tessa got married with Will. I understood it perfectly. But for Tessa to move on with Jem after she had lived with Will and given birth to Will's children and Will's children's to grandchildren, it bugged me. Maybe it was loneliness, maybe Tessa loved Jem as much as she had loved Will (which she was, according to her) but I don't know. The idea that a woman could love two men equally doesn't quite reach me. Maybe I'll get used to it, maybe I won't but who the hell cares, right? At the very least, I enjoyed the series and that's that.