Legend  - Marie Lu To be honest, I'm conflicted to rate this book. On one hand, I really think this is a good book. The very first page already caught my utmost attention and as cliche as this may sound, it really is impossible to put down Legend once you've started it. It's fast-paced, it has a strong plot aided by come-to-life characters who I swear will touch your heart almost immediately and it is nicely written. Marie Lu has a way of telling story that piques on your interest/curiosity but doesn't dwell too long on it to dissolve the interest altogether. She's really good at entertaining her readers, in my opinion.

When I found out the story is told from a dual POVs, I admit I was worried. It's very hard to pull off writing from different POVs if the author doesn't hone her characters well. But Marie Lu nailed it, thank god.

Individually, Day and June made great characters. Every rage, sadness and misery felt by them I felt them too. My problem is their romance. I didn't feel it. It was so rushed, it somehow spoilt the story for me a bit. If I were Day, I wouldn't have forgiven someone who had my mother's blood on her hands. And Day loved his family. Like really really loved them. But the way it was portrayed in the story, it seemed like Day had no problem moving on simply because he was attracted to the girl who was responsible for his mother's death one way or another. . You see, that's why I'm conflicted how many stars should I give to the book. Their romance gave rather an illogical feeling to the story as a whole.

Overall, it was a good read. Now I'm anxious to start the second book.