The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett What a delightful story to read. It is impossible to put down once one has started reading it. And to think that this story was originally written for children, I could have been fooled. I don't think children nowadays read as many words as they are presented in this book. It always leaves me in awe how books such as The Jungle Book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Lord of the Flies to name a few were written for children, and not young-adults or adults even! I tried to read Lord of the Flies, I couldn't. I simply don't have the patience to go on. The level of literacy the children of previous ages had to compare with our generation's literacy, there's no comparison really. We are way, way behind.

The thing about The Secret Garden is, when it says it is for children, it is for children. Though it is 222 pages long (the version I read), it uses simple language, but is not downright degrading. That's why I enjoyed it. The story, on the other hand, how can I say this eh? It's children-like innocent, but it brings forward a deep, meaningful message that is applicable to all group ages; the power of thoughts.

As much as it was enjoyable to those kids back then, it brought joy and pleasure to me as well. Tremendously.