The Book Thief - Markus Zusak I think my capability to love any other books may have been marred after reading The Book Thief. I mean, yeah. I don't think I can love any other books more than I love this one. There is so much love for one's heart to hold. You know, that kind of feeling you've developed for the book that makes you wanna preserve it forever by not reading another book. At least not immediately. And I don't just love The Book Thief; I freaking adore it. It's remarkable.

What I liked best about The Book Thief:

1. Beautifully narrated story. The words and the phrases, I found myself wishing they were actually edible. I would've devoured them appreciatively. Those alone would have kept me fed for eternity.

2. Characters that came to live, I mean all and not some two-dimensional, forgettable, make believe characters.

3. The fitting, bittersweet ending :')

4. The little, little notes the narrator included.

5. Again, the flow of the language. Makes you wanna ditch all the other worldly matters and devote yourself altogether for the story, which I did.

What I didn't really like about The Book Thief:

1. A slow beginning, and that's all.

Overall, an incredible read! :D