The Stepford Wives - Chuck Palahniuk, Ira Levin Ingenious plot with a rather dull writing, it makes just a so-so read. At least, that's what I felt. Almost everybody else who had reviewed this book seemed ecstatic with it. Too bad I didn't share the same enthusiasm. I think it would have been better if we were exposed to what the men had been doing at the Men's Association. You know, to have more insights rather than just the mere passing comments about it. And I would have liked it more if the story had been longer. This was a quick read for me.

Disappointments aside, the idea behind this story is really intriguing. For a man to want a perfect woman with perfect figure and perfect make up who makes no mistakes and devotes herself entirely to homemaking and homemaking alone pisses me off a little. Scratch that, a lot actually. It would have been okay if it had been the woman's CHOICE and that's what the woman WANTS but to FORCE her to succumb to that kind of life eternally? That's selfish, dude. What, we women are not entitled to imperfection? That's a total bullshit. You want perfection? Try to be one yourself first. And no, I'm not a bitter old woman. I think women are being oppressed more than they should have been. I end my rant here. Lol.