Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi If I have to choose one word to conclude my entire feeling about Through the Ever Night, it will have to be "Phewh!" It had been a wild ride; I'm surprised my heart didn't give up on me at all. If anything, this book warrants at least a few major heart-stopping moments. I've never been so much in danger before.

The twists and turns in TtEN had turned me into a ball of nerves; it couldn't have been meaner! Every page brought a new sense of dread and I couldn't say I look forward to it because I didn't. But I couldn't deny I was eagerly anticipating it too. I was simply too curious to give up on reading. Curiosity kills the cat they say. But I say curiosity kills the cat and the human. And that human is meeeeeee!

Overall, I think Through the Ever Night had grown into something unforgettable after its predecessor, Under the Never Sky. I was mildly interested in UtNS but this was definitely something. Whatever's lacking in UtNS was greatly reimbursed in this book. I'd say that was a smart move from Rossi, to build the world slowly from book 1 and let it continues in book 2. My only consolation is that I wish I know more about the realms. I feel the world where Aria came from was way underdeveloped.

What else can I say about TtEN? The writing was easily captivating. The characters faced conflicts and trials under dire situations which is partly the reason it was such an intense reading! I'm glad that after Perry had become the Blood Lord, he wasn't given the easy way to cruise through his leadership. Instead, we were shown how each day was a struggle to him. Each struggle brought Perry closer and closer to the kind of leader he had to be to his tribes. The same goes to Aria. At some point in the book, I almost forgot that she used to be a Dweller; she was an Outsider through and through!

And now we wait, and pray that 2014 comes by before we know it. I can't stand the tension, it's too much!