Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas Hello people. I'm writing this for the third time because my lappy decided to go berserk on me. And I'm okay with it (pff, as if). I guess I should blame my uncoordinated hand movement too for accidentally clicking the 'x' button of the browser.


I don't usually go for angry characters, in this case, angry male character, but Bully was rather good in my humble opinion. True to its title, bullying rears its ugly head and what a show it is. There's nothing pretty about it; a fact all of us have consciously established I believe. Say to a girl she has the worst body odour or she doesn't look thin enough to be cool; congratulation you have just sent her on her merry way to man-made hell hole at least for the rest of her high school years. That is what bully to you and that's what you get from Bully.

It's never good to shatter a teenage girl's self esteem to begin with because that's what she'll be carrying around always. Like Tate had to experience. Suspicious of everyone and everything even in the goodness. It didn't help when her childhood friend who she was close-knitted with was the one who's been bullying her. One minute they were best friends who couldn't get enough of each other and the next minute both couldn't stand to be in each other's presence. That just gotta suck.

The only thing that irked me about Bully is how Tate trusted her bully so easily. I know they used to be close friends and all, but Jared didn't exactly go easy on her. He was ballistic to put it mildly. Would you put behind everything your bully has ever done to you in a matter of days? I wouldn't. But I guess friendship transcends everything.

This book is intense. It has angst written all over it. A pretty well-written angry book, I would say. Good read :)